The Free City of Wengemerlin

This is a map I drew for a city campaign I’ve been working on that is a satirical take on the Free City of Greyhawk and setting for my Thieves’ Guild Built in the Subterranean Ruin of [Insert Generic Anthropomorphic Urban Rodent God of Your Choice]’s Temple.

It’s also a setting I’d like to one day (in the remote post-Southfarthing Confidential and Dwarf Lode future) publish. In the meantime, however, enjoy the map and a couple of factions you can find in the city listed below.

Wengemerlin Map

Wengemerlin Factions:

The Union of Hirelings, Henchmen, and Hangers-on (U.H.H.H.) was established to provide Wengemerlin’s less-than-heroic adventuring underclass legal, financial, and medical support. U.H.H.H. additionally offers staffing services for adventurers who seek to explore the dungeons of Castle Wengemerlin or the Netherhalls. The Union has developed a reputation for severe retaliation against those who have wronged its members. Due to the oversized influence, and wealth, of U.H.H.H., it has risen to become a not-so-minor player in the city’s political games.

The Thieves’ Guild of Wengemerlin wasn’t the first established in Wengemerlin, but by waging a determined campaign of murder, intimidation, bribery, and political subterfuge, it has established itself as the city’s the top-tier assemblage of cutthroats, burglars, pickpockets, forgers, professional liars, and street thugs, hands-down. Of course, while every organized circle of crooks in the city refers to itself as “the” thieves’ guild, this one has become a true institution within Wengemerlin. Those of more shadowy walks of life know the Thieves’ Guild is the one that matters.

Viking Mafia – The “made men” of the Viking mafia (or whatever it will be called) are noted by the rings they bear, which were bestowed upon them by King Ragnar himself. The Vikings are a major force in the Wengemerlin underworld, with connections and tenuous alliances with the Thieves’ Guild and Assassin’s Enclave. Mead hall franchises across the city are believed to serve as fronts for the Viking Mafia’s criminal endeavors.

Dungeon Double (Wednesday Map)

The maps in this post are two that I will be including in an upcoming booklet which will feature small dungeon and ruin maps alongside a Game Master worksheets for populating and embellishing the dungeons/ruins (see example below). More information on this booklet in the upcoming weeks.

8-14-19 (2)8-14-19


Here’s an mock-up page from the yet-to-titled booklet:

mini dungeon map (

Island Fortress of Unspeakable Employment Opportunities (Thursday Map)

Trying out a new style this week, and I have to say that I am quite pleased with the way it turned out! (Although, I am not quite happy with the water yet.)

Seek here ye lay-about adventures! A one-time offer awaits on the Island Fortress of Unspeakable Employment Opportunities. Therein you’re promised a steady workweek fighting undead pirates, crabmen, and other XP-loaded villains of the sea!

8-1-19 (black)

Isometic-ish Cave System

I’ve been playing around with this isometic-ish style for a while now and feel like I’m getting it down. So here ya go! (The hole/drop appears to line the caves up one above the other, but it’s a bit off if you follow the cave down, so just pretend it all lines up correctly and isn’t an M.C. Escher Cave, unless of course you want it to be an M.C. Escher cave, in which case it was entirely on purpose.)