Psychic Goldfish [Metamorphosis Alpha & Dungeon Crawl Classics]

Another creature for my future Metamorphosis Alpha Campaign–the Psychic Goldfish. These guys will be a reoccurring threat against the PCs while they explore the Mutual of Omaha Starship Vonnegut. I’ve included stats for Metamorphosis Alpha 1st ed. as well as stats for Dungeon Crawl Classics. I hope to run the game using the Mutant Crawl Classics rules when they become available with a strong mixture from the MA 1st ed. books Goodman Games is putting out. Anyway, here are those maniacal pet fish.

psychic goldfish

Psychic Goldfish in Self-Contained Humanoid Environment Exploration & Domination Apparatus

Psychic Goldfish
Armor Class:
Hit Points: 20
Movement in Spaces: 1 land, 18 water
Radiation Resistance: 12
Constitution: 12
Mental Resistance: 18
Strength: 6
Dexterity: 18
Defect: (Risk of Aneurysm, see below)
Mutations: Heightened Intelligence, Hydrokinesis, Mental Blast, Mental Control, Telekinesis, Telekinetic Arm, Telekinetic Shield.

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Wilson’s Loping Neckbeard [Metamorphosis Alpha]

Wilson’s Loping Neckbeard

Armor Class: 6                                        Hit Points: 65
Movement in Spaces: 10
Radiation Resistance: 15                Constitution: 18
Mental Resistance: 3                         Strength: 17
Dexterity: 12
Defect: Diminished Senses (Sight), Mental Defenselessness.
Mutations: Heightened Hearing, Heightened Smell, Marsupial, Leaper, Taller, Out-Sized Body Parts (Neck), Quadrupedal.

Wilson's Loping Neckbeard

A domesticated Wilson’s Loping Neckbeard serving as a mount for a Psychic Goldfish wearing  a Self-Contained Humanoid Environment & Exploration Apparatus. Notice the electrified prod.

Appearance: While they retain a superficially human appearance, Wilson’s Loping Neckbeards range between 20 feet long (males) and 16 feet long (females). Their skin colors range the full spectrum of a normal human, as well does their hair color, though they are commonly found shaven if domesticated. In the wild, they are known for the luxurious manes that hang from the bottoms of their supple necks. These manes are prized by some tribes for the decoration of ceremonial garb and can be traded for valuable items.

Loping Neckbeards have squinty, nearly useless eyes, which they make up for with their broad noses and large ears. They are constantly heard huffing and snorting in their herds. They move by long loping strides, hence their name. An unmistakable arrhythmic beat heard across the plains is the sound of a herd of loping neckbeards brought on by their gangly, mutant forms.

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