D&D Fifth Ed. Character Record Sheets [RPG]

A while back, I posted these sheets on the r/dndnext subreddit and they were a huge hit. The praise they received far exceeded my expectations and I was really pleased to hear how many people planned on using them in their own campaigns.  After that, Dyson Logos shared them on his site and they’ve spread far and wide, so I thought maybe I should host them on my own blog, as well.

Just click the image to download the sheet.


In addition, the response I’ve received has inspired me to create a few more sheets, including a character sheet for Dungeon Crawl Classics, something like an adventure record sheet for DMs using Fifth Ed., and my much more ambitions goal of building an entire campaign workbook–something kind of inspired by the AD&D Second Ed. Worldbuilder’s Guidebook and few other sources.